Sponsor Highlight: TIMETOACT Group

During the lead up to the Social Connections VI event in Prague in June, the team will be highlighting each of our valued sponsors in turn.  We are delighted to have their support  – without it we really couldn’t deliver this event and offer the completely no-fee attendance that we do.

We are excited to announce a returning gold-level sponsor for Social Connections who has sponsored several of our events:  TIMETOACT GROUP


We love IBM Connections and its potential for social business. As a full service partner TIMETOACT GROUP walks the social walk with our customers. ttagroupDuring the whole time we help and assist our customers to find the best seeds, the most promising acres, efficient farmers and high quality fertilizer within their enterprise.

There is no question in our mind about the worth of the fruits of Social Business. But depending on the foundation and the maintenance there are significant differences in growth and quality of the harvest. Let us help you with our expertise and our simple to use extensions for IBM Connections to get the best out of your installment.

Web Content Management Extension (XCC) for IBM Connections
IBM Connections works perfectly for cases of personal and casual exchange of information and ideas. For the realization of a classic intranet homepage it is missing formal web content management functions as e.g. a conventional navigation and controllable news. With our easy to use custom homepage you can combine formal and casual information in one application and thereby take one big step into the direction of one social platform for your employees. Watch the following video and learn how to manage internal communications. (More information about XCC)

Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT)
Simplify the administration of IBM Connections with this easy to install and easy to use web interface tool. Complex multilevel administration commands can be done with just a single click, even by administrators without WebSphere background. Easily accelerate and automate administrative tasks and enhance the maintenance tasks for IBM Connections. Benefit from extremely lowered effort for training and maintenance. (More information about CAT)


TIMETOACT GROUP provides professional services for IBM software and open standards. The group includes the companies edcom, BLUETRADE, CLOUDPILOTS, novaCapta, NOWSHARE, TIMETOACT and X-INTEGRATE. With more than 170 employees, TIMETOACT GROUP is one of the largest IBM Software Services providers in DACH. TIMETOACT GROUP is located in several locations in Germany and Switzerland.

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Or visit our website:  http://www.timetoact.de

Brian O'Neill
IBM Champion, 15 year IT Associate from W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (often known as just “Gore”) and IBM customer. Began heavily working with Lotus Notes/Domino/Sametime/etc… in 2001. Began working with IBM Connections in 2010.
Brian O'Neill


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