Sponsor highlight: TIMETOACT GROUP

TIMETOACT GROUP is a large German business partner who used to sponsor Social Connections as long as I can remember – until their flagship “XCC – Web Content Extension for IBM Connections” has been acquired by IBM and renamed to “ICEC – IBM Connections Engagement Center”. Then we haven’t heard of them for a while – until now.

TIMETOACT GROUP consists of several companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that cover multiple vendor and open source platforms for collaboration. In the ICS space, and especially regarding IBM Connections, TIMETOACT GROUP  offers three main solutions:

  • XCC/ICEC web content and custom apps solutions
  • CAT – Connections Administration Toolkit
  • UAT – User Administration Tool

We are happy to welcome TIMETOACT Group again among our Gold sponsors.

Jan Valdman

Jan Valdman

Business Development Manager at Whitesoft
Jan works as a business development manager and consultant in Whitesoft, a gold IBM business partner in the Czech Republic. Jan is a Connections-addict IT evangelist, manager, speaker, nocturnal IBM Connections administrator and wish-to-be-again developer who has been recognized as IBM champion for collaboration solutions 2014-2018.
Jan Valdman


Social business enthusiast, IT evangelist, #IBMchampion, manager at @whitesoftnews, assistant professor, @soccnx crew, consultant, speaker.
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Jan Valdman
Jan Valdman

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