Social Connections is looking for you! – call for abstracts

Social Connections IV in Amsterdam is ramping up to be a great event. Sign-up is going great and we’ve already got some great abstracts for sessions in. But we want more. We want the best possible line up for each of the tracks we are setting up and therefore we are looking for YOU.

Are you a customer with a great IBM Connections customer story to share?, Can you explain to others how to develop widgets or add-ins? or explain how it all works and how to best maintain it?, Do you have any other story that is relevant to IBM Connections? or have something to say about how to implement Social Business? Then this is the time to submit your abstract.

The tracks are:

  •  Management: How do you make your business social? Implementation strategies, best practices, business cases and any other topic that can help organizations plan and implement their own social Business environment.
  • Administration: How to do it? What do you need to set up and maintain a good IBM Connections environment? Installation, setting-up, security, integration and anything else that you need to know to administrate a stable environment.
  • Development: How do you developing for IBM Connections? Building plug-ins, widgets or doing customizations and integration. Anything related to extending the IBM Connections platform.
  •  Customer Cases: Why did you chose IBM Connections and what has it brought your organization? Got anything to share about your implementation experiences, the reasons why Social Business is enhancing your business potential or streamlining the processes then we would love to hear! Thinking about social business is one thing. To get a first-hand story from an organization that has actually done it or is doing it can be a real eye-opener. So don’t hesitate and submit!

All session slots are 30 minutes and have to be given in English.

Social Connections is a real user group and therefore open to everyone. Not sure yet but think you’ve got something to say? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you determine if your topic is suitable and answer questions if you have them.  All sessions will be evaluated and we will select a comprehensible program from that.

We want to make this a great event and for that we want to offer the best possible sessions. So don’t hesitate and submit!

Femke Goedhart

Femke Goedhart

Business Consultant at panagenda
Femke Goedhart is a business consultant / business analyst focusing on topics around document management/ECM, process management and social business adoption and has experience working with collaboration software from the IBM ICS / ESS portfolio, Microsoft and Salesforce. Femke works with panagenda as a Business Consultant for IBM Connections and business development, lives in The Netherlands and is a frequent speaker at conferences and user group events in Europe and the United States. Her main focal points are in social business and software adoption, strategy enablement, business development, usability and requirements gathering. Bringing the business side into the picture. Femke is a repeat IBM Champion and regular blogger as well as part of the Social Connections organization team
Femke Goedhart


Business Consultant for Social Biz, ECM & Analytics. Explains "how Nerds tick" to Users & "How Users quirk" to Nerds.
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Femke Goedhart

  • Frank van der Linden

    30 minutes for a developer track session is to short, is my opinion. As we have seen at Social Business Convention last May in Rotterdam.

    • Yes it might seem short, which means you have to chose your topic carefully and go for the targeted instead of the broad session content. We feel though that our technical audience often prefers this. Our survey amongst attendees at the last Social Connections event in Dublin confirmed this. An overwhelming majority preferred the 30min session length.
      It allows us to showcase more topics and ensures sessions are concise and to the point. If you feel you have more content then would fit in a 30min session then try to see if you can split it up in two independent sessions and submit both. If it fits in and adds to the program they could very well both be chosen.

  • Frank van der Linden

    What is the deadline for submitting an abstract, can’t find any date.

    • The deadline is October 4th and we will strive to publicize the agenda beginning of the week after that. Keep an eye out on the Soccnx twitter account and this site for updates!