Social Connections 8 gala reception announced… Enjoy ‘A Night at the Museum’!

After the first afternoon of the Social Connections 8 event has concluded, we would like to continue the day’s conversations in a more relaxed atmosphere.

trilog_logo_CMYK_largeTherefore, we would like to invite all registered participants to join us for a complementary gala reception at the fascinating Museum of Science, courtesy of our Champagne sponsors, Trilog Group.

As the most highly attended cultural institution in New England, the Museum of Science offers novel surroundings and out-of-the-ordinary experiences that are sure to intrigue and entertain all our attendees!

mos_blue_wing_exhibits mos_blue_wing

MoS Blue Wing
With an array of interactive exhibits extending across three levels, the Museum’s Blue Wing may be the most unique and entertaining space in Boston. Where else can you dine amid dinosaurs and experience a hair-raising one million volts of lighting all in the same evening?

To top all that off, there will also be a variety of live music on offer all evening – you may just spot a few very familiar faces too!

Given our central location at IBM, no formal transportation will be required – the Museum of Science is just a short walk from the conference location.

Please contact us if you have any special dietary needs or allergies.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston!

Maria Nordin

Maria Nordin

I a new team member of the fantastic Australian company ISW who develops the blockbusters Kudos Apps! My role is to be the "man" (of course woman) in Europe as Business Development & Marketing Manager - Europe. In short I make sure that our European customers are well taken care of and to communicate about our products in Europe. I am a firm believer of human goodness and power and that if we communicate with each other and make an effort to understand each other we automatically will have a better, friendlier and more effective work place. And not forget more FUN! Because that's what it's all about yes? IBM Champion since 2016 and I really like snow, travelling, good food, peace and laughter. And of course Wannes.