Our agenda is out! Better than ever. Time to buy your ticket to the event!

The day has come. We now know who will be a speaker and what they will speak about at Social Connections 13 in Philadelphia on April 26-27, 2018.

We have an agenda!

We in the team always love this task. Extracting all the great abstracts from the database, compiling them in an Excel file and choose! But it is also one of our hardest tasks. Always. Because, with no exceptions, we always have a large amount of fantastic abstracts to go through. The range, the quality, the ingenuity. We never stop to be amazed.

Each conference is different to the other. News trends, new technique and solutions. Our speakers never cease to impress us. In the end we always aim to end up with a good mix of both technical and non technical sessions.

A developer, an administrator, a manager, an adoption consultant. All of them should be able to find something they like.

So please have a look at the 2018 spring edition of Social Connections!

We invite you all to participate in our great event! 2 days of networking, learning and fun.

See the agenda here

Time to buy your ticket!


Maria Nordin

Maria Nordin

I a new team member of the fantastic Australian company ISW who develops the blockbusters Kudos Apps! My role is to be the "man" (of course woman) in Europe as Business Development & Marketing Manager - Europe. In short I make sure that our European customers are well taken care of and to communicate about our products in Europe. I am a firm believer of human goodness and power and that if we communicate with each other and make an effort to understand each other we automatically will have a better, friendlier and more effective work place. And not forget more FUN! Because that's what it's all about yes? IBM Champion since 2016 and I really like snow, travelling, good food, peace and laughter. And of course Wannes.