Missed the Social Connections 10 keynotes? Watch the replays now!

We had an excellent first morning at Social Connections 10 event in Toronto today, and for the first time ever, professionally live-streamed the main tent sessions.

If you missed all or part of this broadcast, the first three sessions are now available for replay via our livestream site:

Soccnx 10 Replay

The three sessions currently available are:

  1. The OGS session lead by Simon Vaughan, also featuring Benoit Hardy-Vallée of IBM, followed by the event keynote hosted by Chris Crummey and Luis Benitez of IBM.
  2. A fantastic case study from Lowes, featuring Clarissa Felts and Terry Cartwright.
  3. Pardon the Interruption, hosted by Luis Suarez, with panelists Luis Benitez and Luis Guirigay of IBM.

Head over to the livestream site and watch the sessions now!  Please leave a comment or tweet with hashtag #soccnx if you have any feedback or comments to add!

Martin Jinoch

Martin Jinoch

CEO at MAP Systems
Notes/Domino developer and consultant since 1996. Active member of Czech Lotus User Group and Social Connection team member. IBM Champion for ICS 2015 - 2017.
Martin Jinoch


Java & IBM Notes/Domino developer. ex-climber and ex-biker (getting old sucks). I've been using NoSQL database before it was cool. IBM Champion 2015-17 ✫
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