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Sponsor highlight: TIMETOACT GROUP

TIMETOACT GROUP is a large German business partner who used to sponsor Social Connections as long as I can remember – until their flagship “XCC – Web Content Extension for IBM Connections” has been acquired by IBM and renamed to “ICEC – IBM Connections Engagement Center”. Then we haven’t heard of them for a while […]

Sponsor highlight: Tiny

A company called Tiny seems to be a new player in IBM Collaboration Solutions  – until you realize that their previous name was Ephox. Tiny has led the market in the development of online rich text editors for almost 20 years and claims to power about 40 % of websites in the world. If you’ve […]

Sponsor highlight: Belsoft

Our next Gold level sponsor, Belsoft,  is situated in the middle of great mountains of Switzerland and therefore they can post on Twitter top class views from their office and thus make other business partners jealous. Besides that, they are known as active members of the ICS community and true believers in IBM Connections. They […]

Sponsor highlight: panagenda

Hello again from the main tent. Let me introduce panagenda (yes, it is written with a small p), our long-term sponsor. panagenda is a well know player in IBM Collaboration Solutions who always has something new to show us. panagenda develops a variety of products for IBM Notes/Domino and – of course – for IBM Connections.  […]

Sponsor highlight: AppFusions

There is less than 30 days until Social Connections 14 in Berlin so it is high time to introduce our lovely sponsors, without whom we can not run our events. This time we will start with letter A, as for AppFusions or AppSpokes, their ready-to-go integrations. AppSpokes for IBM Connections offers almost 20 integrations – […]

Sponsor highlight: HCL

Though HCL has been a strategic partner of IBM  for several years it might be a kind of a company you have never heard of. So let us change it. HCL is a global corporation with more than 100.000 employees doing business in 32 countries. Regrading IBM business, HCL does development of multiple IBM software […]

Sponsor highlight: KUDOS

Many have heard about Kudos Badges, the most wide-spread extension for IBM Connections which is used by millions of users in 30 countries. Kudos Badges are now part of Kudos Suite, built by our foremost sponsor from Austalia, ISW. Did you know Kudos has evolved with apps designed to increase productivity, measure utilisation and reward […]

Sponsor highlight: panagenda

Our next sponsor is a big player in ICS with a small ‘p’ – yes, it is panagenda! panagenda offers a wide portfolio of applications and add-ons for IBM Notes, Domino and, of course, IBM Connections. Their services cover analytics and optimization, transformation and migration, social adoption, business intelligence, strategy, IT security. Don’t forget to […]

Sponsor highlight: Riva CRM

Our second gold Sponsor is Riva. Riva is one of our trusted sponsors and we are really happy to have them join us again. Riva integrates the world’s best CRM systems – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP Cloud for Customer, Oracle Sales Cloud, SugarCRM, NetSuite, and others – directly with IBM Collaboration Solutions. By doing […]

Sponsor highlight: AppFusions

Hi all, many of you perhaps finish preparation for IBM Think but it is also a high time to introduce our nice sponsors without whom we can not run our Social Connections events. As usual, we start with our Gold sponsors “in order of appearence” followed by the rest. And by accident we start with […]